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Apr 06, 2012 · It is illegal to change, modify, remove a catalytic converter on any car orginally equipped with them. This saying you cannot remove them, move them in the exhaust system, or remove a working cat and replace it with a different one legally, now.... Competitive matrix generator
1 day ago · Thieves Target Vehicles For Catalytic Converters December 30, 2020, 5:50 PM Precious metals, like platinum, in catalytic converters can be worth over $100 at scrapyards.

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On paper these simple reaction mechanisms should become fairly straight forward from CHM 116 at Arizona State University

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MILWAUKEE -- Community leaders and law enforcement officials on Monday, June 26th hosted a town hall meeting to discuss violence in Milwaukee, and how to go about bringing peace to the city.

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A side note: Before catalytic converters, the Los Angeles smog was horrendous. You couldn't see houses off the I-10 Freeway, especially, in San Bernardino, CA. There is still some smog but 95% better. Low emission vehicles are important for our health. MM. * This post was edited 04/23/14 09:50pm by Mr.Mark *

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The catalytic converter is going to be fairly expensive to replace. In older cars, those made before 1981, the cost can range between $100 and $600. Obviously, the kind of car you have and the complexity of replacing the converter are going to increase the cost.

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Toyota is branching out beyond hybrids to ramp up its exploration of hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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Mar 29, 2011 · A catalytic converter involves emissions issues, so it may not be able to pass emissions tests without this converter. You should contact whomever sold you the vehicle and explain that there is a pipe instead of a catalytic converter and demand your money back. If you don't get it back (private party or retail seller), sue.

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If a vehicle is emitting two times the applicable emission standard or has a faulty catalytic converter, a waiver cannot be issued; If a vehicle’s emissions control equipment is removed, altered, or defeated a waiver cannot be issued; There is a $15 fee if waiver a state waiver facility grants a waiver. Performing Emissions Testing in Arizona

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Jun 18, 2019 · Items connected to your vehicle include car stereos, tires, and catalytic converters. The repair shop will generally be liable for the loss of anything attached to your vehicle. There are limits to these protections, such as the personal property stored in your vehicle.

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Arizona tests older vehicles (1967 to 1995 models) on the dynamometer rolling system. This system is too expensive for most auto shops to install. Data from 2011 shows that only 6.3% of 2006 model vehicles failed the initial emissions test.

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We are a family run scrap yard located in Phoenix, Arizona and have been serving the recycling needs of the community for three generations. Over the years, our yard and team members have recycled millions of pounds of scrap metals like copper, brass, insulated copper wire, aluminum, and steel with over 100,000 customers!

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