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The original Field Flattener for the Skywatcher Esprit 150ED. product number: SKY-20190 delivery time: on request 310,00 EUR. incl. 16 % VAT excl. shipping costs ... Youn ka kura
All refractor lens systems exhibit some natural field curvature which, while not relevant for visual observation, can be visible in images. This field flattener/reducer screws directly into the rear focuser rotator of your refractor, converting it into an astrograph with a flatter photographic field than the existing lens system alone.

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Altair PlanoStar 3 inch 1.0x Flattener for 102 110 115 130 Refractors, Canon EOS DSLR Kit £149.00 £124.17 (ex. VAT) Out of stock ... Lightwave 1.0x Field Flattener for F5.5 to F6.25 Refractors £99.00 £82.50 (ex. VAT) Lightwave 1.0x Variable Field Flattener £99.00 £82.50 ...

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Jun 18, 2013 · Recommended Field Flattener for ES 80ED However, without some cropping, there's no way to avoid the coma shaped stars all around the edges. At first, I thought I was having tracking issues, but after inspecting multiple images and exposure times (2 to 3 min), the issue is identical in all and that includes guided versus unguided.

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Mar 03, 2015 · However with a low cost Sky watcher /Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors and above collimation the images are pretty good. I tried several distances between the chip and Field Flattener T-thread in steps of 7.5 mm. Best flat field is now achieved at 72 mm distance instead of the 55 mm recommended for refractors.

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Sky-Watcher 72ed field flattener - posted in Refractors : Hi Team, I just ordered Sky-Watcher EvoStar 72 APO Doublet Refractor exclusively for astrophotography with either Canon DSLR or ZWO ASI294MC Pro. As I read various forums it seems I need to buy a field flattener for it. I understand the FLO OVL Field Flattener or Sky-watcher 80ED 0.85X Reducer/Corrector with Evostar 72ED Reducer ...

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Eliminate field curvature in short, optically fast refractor telescopes with this handy 38mm clear-aperture, fully multi-coated field flattener. Designed for use with 400mm to 650mm focal length refractors with f/5 to f/7.5 focal ratios. Optimizes your fast refractor telescope for astrophotography.

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